Welcome to the Mission House

Mission House Ending this Year:

After 15 years of impacting many, many lives, the Mission House project will be coming to an end this year. We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the Mission House, whether as a participant, a project, a mentor, a house leader, project leader, friend or family member… You have all been crucial to the project’s succes.

To celebrate the impact that the Mission House has had, we are organising a Conclusion Reunion at the end of May. For more information, please contact the current project leaders, Erjo (e.beitler@diaconie.org) and Betina  (b.vanmeter@diaconie.org).

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the House is where Word and action meet.  This Mission isn’t individual but Community based.The centre of Christian life is Community. Where we come together to share our gifts, where we come together to meet others, God and ourselves.

1 Timothy (6:18) asks us to “be generous and willing to share” and with each year that instruction is fulfilled in the Mission House.

Through community the Mission House brings different countries, backgrounds and cultures together for 10 months. These 10 months help plant seeds of change read more

Founded in 2005, the project brings volunteers from throughout Europe together under  one roof to share in the community of voluntary work and personal discovery.


All work and no play makes for a very unhappy volunteer and that’s why the Mission House project isn’t all about work but how the volunteer can grow in his/her faith, social awareness & social life. The Project is diverse, exciting and enriching.

Each and every year on 1st  September the new volunteers arrive at the door of the Mission House ready to build a community together in the house. They spend 10 months working with those on the margins of society around Amsterdam. To find out more about the new group visit This is us!