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Why hello there Georgia here!

Firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of blogs recently but as your about to read we have been extremely busy these past few months. So in no particular order..

The month of May was a really nice and also very busy month. The main event being our group trip to Italy. We went to Naples Pompeii and Rome. My personal favourite being Naples.

We did tours and visited many places. On the first day we went to the beach and although it was quite a travel away we still had fun with such clear blue water and sunny weather we made the most of it! (We also discovered the knife and fork tax.)
The rest of the days we walked a lot visiting the cities Seeing castle’s with beautiful views, touring and just in general seeing what Italy had to offer. Naples had the best food of all the places we visited and I can honestly say we ate the best pizza ever there! We also stayed in such a nice hostel which I would highly recommend (i was not bribed tp make an  advertisement I promise.)  We spent our last night in the airport which was an experience to say the least but I nor any of the others will be doing it again in a hurry. it was nice to be back in my own bed again.

We like to put lots of effort into people’s birthdays here in the mission house and when there’s no birthday to celebrate we make one up. Melanie celebrated her mission house birthday last week {as she will not be here on her real birthday.}  It began with a lovely bike trip to the beach. Me and Linus travelling by tandem. After the trip we came home had carrot cake made by Mirjam and gave her present.
Later in the evening we hosted a cocktail party which looked rather professional even if I do say so myself and was a very nice evening.
As your probably aware our lovely house leader is from the other side of Holland called Steenwijk. Well earlier in May we spent the weekend there with him his girlfriend Gera and her lovely family. We did lots exciting things and enjoyed our time away from the busy city to take in some fresh country air. We discovered a really nice village, went to their church, we went on walks, a boat ride, enjoyed picnics and BBQ’S and met their lovely friends. It was such a nice weekend and the weather was perfect. However nothing is perfect and so three of us {Jhoswa, Linus and myseelf} came home injured  but hey we still had fun even if we did have to hobble home.

This month is our final month in the mission house. Although it is sad we are determined to make the most of our time here and enjoy it together before we leave to live the rest of our lives. for this i wish all of my flatmates the best of luck.

This weekend we had the pleasure to spend the weekend with the new generation of mission house volunteers who will be replacing us in September. We spent this weekend getting to know them and they are a lovely group and I’m sure they will have lots of fun and you will be hearing all about their adventures soon. We had plenty of fun playing games and having a BBQ, doing a green light tour (positive things) in the red light district and a boat ride which didn’t go according to plan after a boat malfunction and ended with the us travelling side by side with the new generation holding the boats together.

For sure we did many more things however i think i could go on forever if i write them all. i hopw you enjoyed this blog and the pictures from the fun things we have been doing.