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A house full of people

thumbnail A house full of people

Last Friday, 20 guests came to eat at the Mission House. They were from the Baptist church youth group in Vroomshoop and were spending a week in Amsterdam doing different voluntary projects. They ended their week by coming to eat with us at Mission House and to learn all about Mission House’s history and aims and all about us! Laure cooked for all of us and did a great job as it was delicious and was plenty to go round!┬áIt was an excellent opportunity to share stories and experiences about what they have been doing and what we have been doing, and great to hear about what other young people are doing in the Netherlands.

It was also Memorial Day yesterday in the Netherlands. A few of the house members went to Dam Square to see the King, Queen, and Dutch prime minister of Holland, for the two minute silence at 8pm. Today there is an event in the EYE (the film museum) where the director of Not For Sale is giving a talk about freedom, because of Memorial Day yesterday. Not For Sale is one of my projects and I’ve spent the weekend making 240 litres of soup to cater for 1000 people for this evening’s event. I will also be there this evening to hand out all the soup that I and 3 others have made!

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