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by Hanske Mulder, augustus 15th, 2011

Everybody in the house will get their own private bedroom, this is his/her sanctuary during the year and their own space to call home. It is here that they can hang up photos from home, close the door and get away from it all for 10 minutes as they read or just relax perhaps. In the room you will find a bed (that goes with out saying), a cupboard for clothes and books, bed sheets, towels, a wash basin and a desk. Although every room has identical furniture each has is own individual perk, one overlooks the canal, another the garden, one is larger than the other etc. That is why the volunteers at the start of the year will choice together which room they will get by silent ballet and lots of discussion!

Sorry guys there is no en suite…..not that you really thought there would be! The house shares the two toilets and shower.

Your place, your home, your sanctuary


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