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Welcome back to the Mission House Blog! I have the honour to kick it off for this week, I know you have missed us!

We have been living here for two months now and it is getting really dangerous. The mice are taking over and several people have hurt themselves. That’s why you should always hope the other road-users are careful, that your cupboard doors are closed and that your fingers aren’t in the way while you are cutting!

Betina came back from Greece, Bektha left for England and Pirmin grabbed Sandy for the training in Arnhem. While nearly half of us were out of the house we had a great weekend with guests from Rijkswijk near Den Haag. Together we went to the “24h Noord” to spray our names on the wall. With a closer look to the bottom of our group photo you can see that we also immortalised “EVS”.

We had a great night at our neighbours from the Worldhouse on Saturday . Their Open Meal  was really fun again and immensely crowded!

After spending Saturday night in a bar we carried on celebrating Bálint’s birthday on Sunday. Our beautiful Bálint was really thrilled by the lovely apron we bought for him as a present, as the photo obviously shows.


Until next time & all the best!