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A Little Update…

thumbnail A Little Update…


Our blog has been rejected for the past few weeks – Erwin, Julius, Lilli, Helene, Ola, Salome I’m looking at you ;) – but I’m going to provide a little update now!

November was a busy but good month for us :) We continued with (and finally completed) our Dutch lessons which were really useful and some of us have definitely advanced a lot (the Germans). Our teacher was really nice and thankfully very patient with us.

We continued with our projects and I think we all feel settled now – we know the people we work with well, we know what our roles are at our projects etc. so it’s nice :)

We also had a visit from someone very special this month… Sinterklaas! He sailed along the canal outside our house with the Zwarte Piets…


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Family time has also been fun in November – we watched a cool film about a group of young Europeans living in a house together during their ERASMUS experience and it was funny because it was like watching ourselves! We also played a Sinterklaas themed treasure hunt game in the house but things got a bit crazy when both the teams had to find the Sinterklaas hidden in the fridge ;)

It’s a lot colder now here in Amsterdam but the winter brings us lots of new opportunities to enjoy the city – there’s a beautiful ice rink at Museumplein as well as the Amsterdam Light Festival which makes everywhere look extra pretty! We will all be going home soon for Christmas so we’re making the most of the time we have left here before 2015- next week we will celebrate Sinterklaas together and welcome lots of guests to the house for our open meal :)

Best wishes,

Gemma x