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Anyone there?

thumbnail Anyone there?

Hi! It’s A’kos.

Let me tell you about what we did in the house the last week!

We all picked our projects and then Hanske made a schedule for all of us. Everyone in the house is happy with their projects and it’s nice that we can all work in many different places. I am sure that we will all have very interesting stories and experiences :D

Some of us already started working but for most of us the projects will begin next week.

Last week we also had our open meal. This happens once a month and it is when we invite anyone we like to eat dinner with us. We had many guests in the house and we all enjoyed some nice food together. We also had a projector in the house for a week so we were able to watch some nice films together as a family and it felt like we were in a cinema!

So the week was busy but fun. Everyone is feeling happy and excited to start volunteering.

Best wishes,