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Hi Everyone, sorry for the long silence!

Despite our lack of blogs, we have not been sitting still in the Mission House the last few months. The mouse vs Balint count is up to 7 vs 6 (the mice are winning, yikes!), and we have had to say goodbye to our beloved downstairs neighbors, the World House. Luckily, they are just next door now, so they aren’t really gone. Thanks to our EVS colleagues Martha and Tofol, the World House is offering¬†a whole new program of activities meant to bring refugees and other Amsterdammers together. The activities include Yoga, African Dance, Drawing and best of all, Salsa lessons (which a number of Mission Housers have started faithfully attending every Monday). There are also regular karaoke nights, we are already looking forward to the next one!

Did you watch football on Superbowl Sunday? We did. And simultaneously celebrated Viola’s half-birthday (Half birthays are a Mission House tradition where we celebrate birthdays that fall outside of the MH year). Since Viola is a bigAmerican Football fan, and got to pick the day of her 1/2 B-day celebration, the date fell on superbowl sunday. For those of you who aren’t football fans (like most of us at the Mission House), the game doesn’t start untill midnight because of the time difference. So we had a two-part celebration, starting at 20:00 with apple pie and gifts, then everyone went to their rooms (some took naps), and reconvened at 00:00 for kick-off. Sandy and Viola were the only onese really watching the game, but it ended up being a very cozy evening, with everyone in their PJ’s, wrapped up in blankets, having tea, wine, cheese and crackers.¬† In short, even those not interested in football had a good time. Most of us wandered off to bed around half-time at 14:30, when Justin Timberlake performed the Half-Time show. But Viola and Sandy stuck it out until the end (4:30!), and were happy to see the underdogs, the Philladelphia Eagles, win. They didn’t even look too tired when they got up for their projects at 9:00 the next morning :)

For your amusement, I am attaching the results of our portrait-drawing and painting session. We had a really nice family time a few weeks back where we all ended up drawing eachother. The portraits are now hanging in the livingroom.

Thanks for reading, more updates soon(ish)!



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