Hi everybody, hoi! My name is Bálint. I came from Hungary and I live in a small village at home. We have a family farm, and I spend my free time there.

I like to ride motorcycle, and spend a lot of time with my friends. I love my little snow-white notebook. I like to play volleyball.

I also graduated in the high-school, and I don’t know yet, what I want to do in the future. But I know I want to go to university.

Before this year, in the high-school, I did a lot of varied social works. I was also member of the Hungarian Youth Red Cross and there I did this works.

Why am I here? I want to help to the other people, and I would like to see the world before is go to the school again.

I was really glad when I know that I can come here, because this place is amazing, and the Mission House community is incredible. I hope this team would be a family, if already it isn’t a family.

So, that would be me.