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Blikveld is a platform for teenagers in Amsterdam who are interested in Church, Faith and deepening their understanding of God.

The idea is give the Christian youth of Amsterdam a face and a voice. To bring the few teenagers from many different churches together, so that they will also see new faces. Next to that, teenagers should be heard in church. Blikveld arranges this.

The goal is to provide information, activities, interactive discussions and opinions, on people, events to go to and places to visit in Amsterdam. It is run and organised by the PKA and a team of youth workers and volunteers. There a two parts to the idea, a website and organising activities. Through both parts we hope teenagers can meet each other. The website is interactive and gives people the chance to react to articles and discuss topics. Activities are there to have fun, to occasionally learn something and of course to meet others. Check out our amazing new website, !