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Blog October

Hi everyone,

Last week was a quite busy week for everyone because all the projects have really started now.
It’s a lot of fun to work at the project and we experience and learn new stuff everyday.
On Wednesday it was Max his birthday, which we ofcourse celebrated.
On the Saturday before Max his birthday we all went out, except for Max, to buy him a present. Because Max once talked about penguins in a story we all figured that the penguin must be his favorite animal, so we bought a really nice stuffed penguin and a postcard with penguins on it. Then on Monday we were talking about our favorite animals and we found out that penguins are not Max favorite animals at all: ‘Yeah, I like them but they are not my favorite animals or anything’. As you all understand we already bought the penguin for Max his birthday on Wednesday so it was too late to buy something else.. But even though penguins are not Max his favorite animals he still liked the present a lot and I think with this present we kind of forced him to make the penguin his favorite animal. We had a very nice apple pie and Max got to blow out the candles.
The plan was to also go bowling for his birthday but everyone was very tired so we decided to do the bowling another time ;).
Another nice story of this week took place on Friday.
Aga and I were supposed to help cooking for some people from the Diaconie, in total we had to cook for twelve people, which included everyone from the Mission House. Aga and I were done with work pretty late so when we came back we immediately went to the Albert Heijn to do the groceries. Maren and Elisa were very kind and decided to join us while doing the groceries. We decided to make something German named Kartoffelauflauf and something Polish which ended up being a Schnitzel.
On the way back from the Albert Heijn, we came across Rina and she also decided to help us cooking so we arrived with five people to cook at the Diaconie. While we were cutting all the vegetables for the very nice meal, Jeroen (the person who asked us to cook for the diaconie) came to ask how long it would take before the meal was ready. We told him that it would take like two more hours. He told us that there was a problem; the people we had to cook for couldn’t wait another two hours. Then we decided to take all the food we had bought for twelve people back tot the Mission House and to go on cooking for just ourselves. It ended up being a not so very nice meal because we didn’t cook the Kartoffels long enough ;). But after all we had a very nice evening with eachother.

Thanks for reading the blog!

Xx Mirjam