Adventures by admin, maart 14th, 2014

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Like Daniel wrote last week, the Mission House is quiet at the moment.
Unfortunately Saz and Lydia had to leave for a while, due to some things that are going on in their personal lives. Prayers would be appreciated.
It is nice to be able to support our fellow house mates and friends in this difficult time, even from a distance. It shows the friendships that have developed over the past couple months. And we know that God is with them.

Fortunately there are also good things happening in the house. The weather is beautiful, spring is coming (see photo) and yesterday we celebrated Hannah’s ‘birthday’ together! It is actually in July, but hey, we won’t be here anymore by then, so why not have a little pre-birthday party already? I’m pretty sure Hannah enjoyed it :)

Daniel and Laure will be going on a weekend with one of their projects this weekend. We hope they’ll have a really good time.
Merit is enjoying holidays right now and Hannah just spent a few days in Switzerland with her family.
I went to the East of the country for a few days off, which was really restful as well.
What a travellers we are! It is nice to be able to do these things, to take a break, to enjoy ourselves.

Oh, and today our upstairs neighbours, Sjaak and Hadassa and little Douwe, moved to a village more in the East of Holland. Sjaak will be a pastor of a church there. We will miss them for sure; they have been really nice neighbours!
Merit was especially fond of little Douwe and Daniel will miss his mentor (Sjaak, not Douwe that is)…
May God bless them on this new adventure.

Meanwhile we are living towards Easter, one of the most important holidays for Christians. And we are being reminded of the time of Lent every time we cannot eat meat, or chocolate, or sweets (lent), or whatever we chose to not eat or do for 40 days. It reminds us of Christ’s suffering for us… And then suddenly, our craving for something doesn’t feel so much like ‘suffering’ anymore. It is a good reminder I think.  It makes me aware of the season we’re in. On Good Friday we will commemorate Jesus’ death on the cross for our imperfection, for our sin, for our shortcomings, for our sicknesses.
‘Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed. All we like sheep  have gone astray; we have turned—every one—to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.’ (Isaiah 53)
This is such great news! Because Jesus did this, God now sees us through Jesus. If we believe in Jesus, His perfect life and sacrifice count for us! Then we are HOLY for God! I mean, that to me is just too wonderful to explain. I can be free, I am restored creation (with mistakes of course).

And, not only did Jesus die, He also rose again. He conquered death so that death is not the end. He is alive. And in Him, we can have true life and life everlasting as well. What a hope that brings! Eternity starts now. An amazing adventure.


March is here! by admin, maart 10th, 2014

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Hi-hi everyone,

This week we had no special programme. Mission House is so quiet and I feel a bit empty, since Lydia and Saz went home. I think spring has arrived with March, because the weather is mild and sunny, so we really enjoy it. The looks of our garden changed a lot during the months, but I can also say that the last couple of days it varied so much! We’ll have a café in our garden that will open in a few days. On the 5th of March Lent started, so most of us vowed something not to eat during these 40 days.




House leader by Hanske Mulder, maart 3rd, 2014

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The Mission House is looking for a new house leader. Do you feel more at home in an international community? Are you a born leader who can draw out the talents in others? Are you studying or working in Amsterdam and looking for somwhere to live and work? Then we are looking for you!

Click on the links below for more information and how to apply.

Vacature Huisleider




Quiet by admin, februari 25th, 2014

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Hello everybody,
This is a quiet period in Mission House,no special events at the moment. We are lucky with the weather and I particulary enjoy walking in Amsterman under sun shinning. This city still surprise me. I have just discovered an other floor I nerver saw before in the Rijksmuseum. I use to spend a lot of time in museums here. Our place is so close from every important cultural point of the city including the handsome librairy next the central station where we spented our last family time. So, everithing fine !
Kind regards,
Laure De Man


Midterm evaluation training by admin, februari 11th, 2014

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Hello out there!

A part of Mission House went to the Midterm training last week. This training is like the On Arrival training part of EVS program. For Daniel, Hannah, Laure and me it took place in the big city Den Haag. read more


Holidays and Travelling by admin, februari 9th, 2014

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Hello all! On the first of March we at mission house officially reached our half way point! Only 5 months left! In the last 5 months everyone has been home and travelled around the Netherlands. Some have been to Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Groningen, Rotterdam or Den Haag. They all have their own special traits as a city and it is great fun going to visit. Some have even visited outside the Netherlands (other than going home), to Germany or France. Now is a great time to do this as we are closer than we would be otherwise and it can be a lot cheaper! Many of us have plans to keep travelling in the next 5 months as well, it is great to see new surroundings when we get too used to this city.
Hope you all are doing well, we are all enjoying ourselves and look forward to the upcoming months of work and exploring the Netherlands!
Bye for now!

Reageren uitgeschakeld

The middle of January at Mission House by admin, januari 29th, 2014

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Hello! It’s me Daniel again!

So, last week everybody started to work again. The second part of the week was really busy. On Thursday, we had our first Open Meal in 2014. We had delicious food cooked by Neelke. On Friday and Saturday, we didn’t go working, because we had a training led by Kees, the coordinator of De Glind. On the training Heike, Spyros from OZ 100 and Damian from De Glind also took part in. Saturday morning, we had a special breakfast together. The girls made really delicious food for breakfast and decorated the dining room, because we celebrated my birthday that day. After the perfect breakfast, the training continued at 10 o’clock. It finished at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. After that we had a couple of hours break and in the evening, we went to an Italian restaurant. The girls really surprised me! We continued celebrating my birthday there! I got my birthday present which was an Ajax flag! Amazing! All of us had very delicious foods for dinner. On Sunday, we had all day rest. My blog report lasts from 8th of January until 15th of January.


Happy new year! by admin, januari 7th, 2014

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Hopefully it’ll be a really good and blessed year: 2014!

Everyone has returned ‘home’ and the Mission House is complete again. That is, we are missing Jurate. She decided to leave, because she felt like the program of the Mission House wasn’t the right thing for her. She had some plans to start a tour company in Vilnius, so if you ever go there, she will be the person to contact! J

The holidays have been good. Most people went to their home countries and celebrated Christmas there. It’s that time of year you just want to be with your family and friends. It is also that time of year when we remember that Jesus LEFT his Father and came to this earth to be one of us. God who became man. What a story..

For New Year’s most people were back at the Mission House. We invited some others over and had a party at the house. Around 12am we went outside to see the fireworks and wish everyone a happy new year. Amsterdam gets pretty crazy when it comes to fireworks! Quite the experience for most non-Dutchies J

Some of our guests were brave enough to go to Zandvoort for the ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’, a plunge in the North Sea! None of the volunteers or myself made it, too cold, too early J

And now work has started again. New year, new chances, but we also need some time to get used to it again. After a time away and three months of doing the same, it can get hard or slightly boring. Prayers for that –energy and motivation- would be appreciated!

We have 6 months left and we hope that it’ll be 6 really good months together!


Christmas by admin, december 29th, 2013

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Hello everybody
This is Laure and I’m leaving tonight for… CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY ! What an event : a week (or more) far from mission house. For some of us it is the first travel back to home. So the week was a bit special because everybody was leaving on different times. Last days of work, last house meeting… Already an half year gone ! But we’ll meet again for New Years and happy birthday to Daniel (27 December) !


Sinterklaas by admin, december 15th, 2013

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Hejj people out there. Yeah you! It is again my turn to tell you what is going on in the Mission house :) read more