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De Regenboog Groep

The aim of De Regenboog Groep, which means ‘The Rainbow’, is to offer as many homeless people – regardless of race, colour or creed –

a safe haven in the 10 drop-in shelters around Amsterdam where they are free to relax, talk and find help and advice throughout the 8 shelters in Amsterdam. Each shelter has offering it own atmoshphere or expertise.The centres provide a place for people to feel welcome, gain support, and have access to basic necessities eg. food, clothes, showers and links to medical help, social workers etc. There are also drop-in centres where some drug users are allowed to use their drugs in a safe, clean, relaxed environment. There is also a needle exchange programme.

They also offer work projects for visitors which they get paid for:

  • Street cleaning; in and around the neighbourhoods where they work to help keep the city clean.
  • Cooking; visitors help with cooking meals under guidance, or even decide on the menu and cook themselves for the visitors.
  • De Regenboog launderette drug users wash clothes and then distribute these over the different drop-in centres.
  • Transporting goods on bike to other drop-in centres.
  • Cleaning the facilities.
  • Working with staff and helping to run the daily shift. Visitors get responsibilities to help in running the facility, for example taking care of distributing food and drinks, or helping at the entrance or showers.
  • Tours of the old city with (ex)homeless people to groups.

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