Hi everybody, I’m Elisa and I will be 21 years old on the 20th of October.

I come from France, and as a good French citizen I really like “croissant” and I must admit that I miss it a lot and of course French bread!
But let’s talk about myself, like most of the people in our house I like listening music, and all kind of music. Since we arrived I try to learn the piano, but it’s quite difficult, and we have the privilege to have really good pianists with us so it’s really hard to compete!
My family is really important for me, I have a good relationship with them. I think the family will always be there for you no matter what happens.
What else to say, I like going out, discover new things and Amsterdam and the Mission House are a really good place to do all of this. I also like animals, especially pets!
I decided to come here and do a gap year between my study, by giving my time to the people who need help and are alone. I think we are really lucky to be part of this project and I hope that I would be helpful and enjoy to be part of a community by living all together as a family.