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Everything that’s been going on in the past few weeks

Hey everybody!

It’s time for another blog! Sorry, there was no blog in quite some time; a lot of stuff has been going on in the Mission House. Here’s a little summary for you to catch up with everything that has happened:

As Elisa already told you in the last blog, in February we spent a wonderful mid-term weekend together with the volunteers from Oudezijds 100 and the World House. We went bowling and to play laser tag and even though not everybody was necessarily very good at it, we all had a lot of fun! Of course we also did some reflection on the months that we already spent here and Hanske made a lot of really amazing food for us. We had a really cool time there!

Also, the first weekend of March we went to Edinburgh while our two mum’s stayed at home. Besides me having the longest birthday of my life because of the one hour time difference between Amsterdam and Edinburgh we also had a really fun time exploring the city. On the first day we visited Edinburgh castle which turned out to be quite different than expected. Firstly, because we had to carry our suitcases and all of our stuff up there because we couldn’t pick up the keys for our apartment before 4p.m. and secondly, because normally you have a view over the entire city from the castle and it’s one of the nice things about it but of course on this day, it was so foggy that you could only see a white wall and nothing else. We couldn’t even tell there was something down there. So, after a rather quick walk through the rest of the castle we finally went to pick up our keys. The rest of the day we spent in our apartment that turned out to be quite nice. For dinner we found just enough motivation to go downstairs and get something at the kebab shop where a few hours earlier we picked up our keys. It was still a really nice day with a lot of funny moments and bus rides. It was really gezellig and I really liked it!

Luckily the next two days the weather was nicer and we walked up a hill from where we had quite a good overview over the city of Edinburgh and we also visited the Hollyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament which was both very interesting. Of course we also tried Scottish beer and gave our pence to a singer in the bar but decided to leave after the bartender told us to order another beer (at least we think that’s what he said) and spit in our faces while talking because he probably had a few beers too much.

After a night in the apartment without water, washing our faces while someone else was pouring water from a bottle over our hands and flushing the toilet with half of our five liter containers of drinking water, we left the next day for the airport. And because we have the best Mission Mum’s you could ever wish for we were greeted by a lot of pancakes and nutella when we came home (unfortunately also by Freddy but that’s a story for another blog).

All in all we had a really nice and fun time in Edinburgh and I think all of us really enjoyed our little holiday!

Also the past few days, the weather has been a lot nicer here (although as I’m writing this it’s raining). We went to play cards in Wertheimpark, finally tried the Hoftuin (the café in our garden), which was really nice by the way, walked around without jackets and got really in spring mood. Everybody in the house was so much happier because of the sun. Also the city is starting to be more colorful because of all the flowers that are starting to bloom.

I could tell you a whole lot more but I guess these were the most important things that happened in the past few weeks in our lovely home. I will leave you with a few pictures from things we got up to and probably the next person is going to tell you about the return of Mission Mouse and how some heroic Mission Houser’s got rid of Freddy 3.0.

But for now doei and tot de volgende keer!




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