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The detention centre in Zaandam is for unregistered illegal foreigner. This means that the detained are not criminals or being held for criminal acts but because they do not have the proper papers/visa or rights to live in the Netherlandsand therefore must leave the country. The detention boat in Zaandam is only for men. The day for those being detained is very boring. Work and school which in ordinary prisons constitute a part of the daytime activities are not allowed in the detention. The result is that widespread boredom occurs. Once a week a group of Exodus volunteers come to visit the detention boat. The group is too big to hold one session so two sessions for 1 hour each are held with a short break in between to clean and prepare for the next group. The group is approx 5 volunteers and 30 visitors. They play games, talk to those being held, eat and drink snacks together, play music in what is otherwise a very boring and hard week on the boat.

Within the work of Exodus Zaandam volunteers play an active role. Aria van Buuren will coordinate the work and visit the spiritual advisors of the body accompany the visiting group. Because the detainees from all over the world all languages are wanted and neede to talk the detainees. There is a screening required from the Bureau Veiligheid en Integriteit before you come to work, a certificate of no objection from the screening is needed to work.