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How your life can change from being a garbage person to being a Queen…

Once the time comes that you are the garbage person (the person that has to bring the garbage out), your life turns into a nightmare, you feel the garbage is starting to talk to you.


You have to understand that the different kind of garbages all talk in different languages; glass, plastic and paper. And then once you took all the courage you have and brought all the garbage to the right places, you think that the nightmare ended… But this is not true because two days later they will be screaming at you again (in their different languages). After being garbage person you really need to take a rest.

To rest from being the garbage person we went to Zaandam. We went there to take some Dutch culture, see the famous windmills and most importantly: to visit the first Albert Heijn. The feeling you get when you drink a coffee in this place is amazing because Albert Heijn is the most important part of our lives in Amsterdam. Thanks to the Albert Heijn our fridge (lodówka) is always full.

But Zaandam wasn’t the end of our great adventure. Last Wednesday we were not only shining because of the orange color but also because we started to be movie stars for national french television, our life is apparently very interesting and they filmed us through the whole dinner and our evening (we had pasta for dinner). After they left we could start to be real stars and we danced on the couch as backstreet girls (we were really good).


The reason for this party was because the next day is was the birthday of the King of the Netherlands. This is a really big party in the Netherlands where everyone is dressed in orange clothes and drinks a lot of beer (we also did this).
Then it was time to go out, although we didn’t get very far it was a very nice evening. The next day the french television came back to film us during kingsday. We felt like real kings and queens!!!


Kisses from Mirjam & Aga