Joost / House Leader

Hey! I’m Joost van Dijk and i am from the Netherlands.
I’m 21 years old right now and januari 31’th 2016 i’ll be 22…wow, that’s kinda weird.

I also want to tell you that i have an adorable girlfriend and
we are together for more than three years! :D
My hobbies are making electronic music and sometimes i rap on my own beats. You can find some of
the music on YouTube if you want. I also like to listen to sermons and learn alot about God, myself
and about you. I also do that with reading my Bible(app) communicate with God. An other hobbie at
this moment is watching How i Met Your Mother… Don’t know the series? Serieusly check it out: it’s great.
Five words to describe me are… well that is a hard question. The first and foremost word is “Jesus”.
The second word is “social”, because i love people.
Then “creative”, because i love to make something out of nothing. Thinking of the other words is hard for me… “Happy” is one for sure!
Sometimes you don’t see it on my face, but most of the time you can assume i’m happy, haha. And
the last word is……….uhm……. don’t fall a sleep while waiting for the answer…. “teacher”. I think i
choose teacher as the last word, because i love teaching other people stuff.
My life says about me that i love teaching and youth and God, because i studied for becoming
teacher religion and churchworker. I like meeting new people and doing challenging stuff, but not in
the stuntman way, because i hate extreme sports. I try to workout three times a week, so that tells
you that i try to stay fit (For Free (well, for almost 19 euro’s a month)). And the rest of what you
could learn about me from my life i already told you.
I have a lòòòòòt of good memories, so it’s really hard to pick one. This is actually pretty funny,
because i came up with all of the questions and now i have to admit that this question is hard! I’m
sorry guys.. i can’t think of the best, but if you want to hear about a lot of good memories you can
ask me and i will tell you as much as you want to hear!
My friends would describe me as crazy, but on the right times serieus. They would totally say that my
sense of direction is the worst. I get lost in my own town, where i lived for 21 years AND its really
small, haha. I really hope this year is going to change me in a more courages, fearless man that knows God even
more and loves people more!