Hi! My name is Rina and I am 18 years old. I previously lived in..

Munich, Germany but my hometown is the enormous city of Tokyo, Japan.
My hobbies include listening to music, singing or playing the piano, hanging out with my friends, traveling and cooking. This summer I got to do every one of these things which made me unbelievably happy. My favourite kind of music is Electronic music, deep and tropical house and Pop and my favourite food is Sushi, but I love many cuisines like Italian, German and Indian.
While living in Munich I did Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Hapkido, a kind of self-defence.
A couple of words that describe me best are: open, humorous, loud (I think everyone in the Mission House agrees with this), outgoing and positive.
I decided to do a gap year because I just finished high school this year and wanted to learn the Dutch language because my father is Flemish and Dutch. I also want to help as much as I can where help is needed and do something with meaning. I hope to be stronger and more independent by the end of this year !