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Kuria is a hospice for the terminally ill and offers medical, spiritual, emotional and practical support.

Hospice kuria offers care to a specific target group: residents who have been indicated for nursing or intensive home care, are incurably ill, and have a relatively short life expectancy. For various reasons – including the complexities of care they need – they cannot (any longer) be cared for in their usual environment.

The hospice can accommodate up to ten residents at one time. Each receives his or her own room with cable television. More importantly, each room is a place where a resident can create his or her own space, including the redecoration of a room with their private possessions. In this way, “home” is replicated as much as possible.

There is also an out-patient facility which offers the patient support from home and a ‘buddy’. The buddy’s aim is to make contact and visit them. This could range from having a coffee in their house, to going to the beach, walking in the park or seeing movie. For more information go to