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Last week before christmas

Hello everybody, I want to tell you about last week. On Monday we had a really nice Zinmoment prepared by Erwin. We talked about what „Living together“ means for everybody and discussed about that. It was very interesting because everybody get a new view how the others want to share life in community.

From Monday to Friday everybody was busy in their projects.This week we also celebrated the 100. Day in the Mission House. It is very crazy how fast the time is running. I just remember the first day when everybody arrived and nobody knowed each other very well…and now we are a family with all the ups and downs you have in it. On Friday Ola and me went to the Not for Sale christmas party (it’s the project in the red light district). There was a looot of nice food and also nice people to talk. On Saturday evening a part of the group went ice skating at the museumplein. On the picture you can see this really nice place. 10858522_414538612035335_2637689227954560128_n Next week all of us will leave the Mission House to go to our families and celebrate christmas with them. Gemma is the first one who leaves on wednesday and Akos will be the last one who leaves on sunday. I am really looking forward to spend time with my friends and family in germany but I also will miss my flatmates here in Amsterdam! Doei, Svenja