Hey everybody!
I’m Maren, I’m 18 years old and I’m from a…

very small village in Germany. My birthday is on 4th March.
I love my family and friends and they are the most important thing in my life. I have a younger brother who I’m quite close with (hey Max, in case you read this!) Other than that I really like travelling because you get to see so much amazing stuff you would have never even known existed. Also, just like almost every other human being, I love music! I started playing the ukulele not too long ago so I’m not very good at it yet (sorry to everybody who lives with me), but I really like it.
I wanted to join the Mission House because I know that I want to work in the social sector but I’m not sure with what kind of people I want to work, so I figured this year would be a good opportunity to get to know and work in a lot of different sectors and see if there’s something I could imagine myself doing professionally. Another reason for me to join was, that I just finished high school and I wanted to get out of my usual surroundings and experience something new and get to know new people (not that the people back home aren’t amazing, they are!).
And although I’m not really sure how this happened and how I got the chance to do this I’m really glad I did, because all of my housemates are amazing and it’s so much fun to live here!!