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Mission House life lately

Hey, everyone! Here is Joost again :D

So… where do I start.? Lately, we have a loooot of guests in the house, haha. I don’t even register anymore who is who and from who every guest is, but it’s nice. For example, a friend of Jhoswa came with his parents and they were so friendly! The dad had amazing stories and they even left two recipes for us for delicious food!
Right now Bence is really happy because his cool friends came over to the Mission House and a while ago Melanie had a bunch of friends here.
That’s one of the fun things about the Mission House: most of the time it’s full of awesome people :D

12805975_10206071823263138_3240569835056764700_nAnother thing I would like to share is a very nice breakfast we had some time ago. That Friday we had a nice party in another voluntary house. There was amazing food (mostly made by our group, so it had to be amazing) and cool people who also come over to the Mission House once in a while. We al943974_10209045519714243_7726558568579706471_nready agreed on going to the HEMA for a nice breakfast the next morning and for that, we had to leave early. It was a challenge to wake some people up, but in the end, we went with a nice group (as some stayed in their bed XD). Arriving at the HEMA, there was no “normal” HEMA-breakfast, so we all choose something and went outside. Me and my girlfriend Gera remembered a nice spot to chill, so we went there. It was really nice to share this moment with lovely people!

This week we went to a bar near the Mission House and had a good time there. The conversation went from one weird topic to the other, as it supposed to be with friends20160323_204442.
Now it’s Saturday and while I’m writing this I hear voices and laughter and I smell the delicious smell of cake being baked. Yep, the Mission House life is amazing!

It’s hard to face but the end is coming near now. People start to think about study or work for next year, people start to miss home, their friends and their   family and sometimes people feel like their doing a routine. All normal things, if you ask me. But, as we already facing the end, I really look forward to the next couple of months. The better weather is coming and already arriving and I believe that’s going to do a lot of good for a lot of people! Hopefully, you’ll see the pictures and hear the stories of us going outside; chilling in the park or going to water and doing activities in the sunny weather very soon!

Ok well, hope you enjoyed reading and see you later!!