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My year in the Mission House……?

thumbnail My year in the Mission House……?

It would be tempting to title this piece “my year in the Mission House”, but your experiences gained from the Mission House last far beyond the year spent in Amsterdam.

Buchanan (Buck) Grant

I’m working in my dream job now and that’s, in part, due to the Mission House programme. The Mission House allowed me to pick and choose from a wide range of projects so that I would be able to decide how I wanted to grow. All too often I hear of friends who end up participating in a gap year which inevitably sees them spending 10-12months in one town or one village somewhere abroad. That’s not to detract from the great experiences my friends had but the Mission House gave me far more freedom than any other project out there.

It would be misleading to say there aren’t challenges, but that should be considered alongside the fact that there will be a number of other volunteers sharing the Mission House Accommodation (in one of the nicest areas of Amsterdam!), a House Leader who also stays in the house, a Project Leader who always makes himself available and your own personal mentor…Still worried? Didn’t think so!

Today’s job climate isn’t great, the Mission House programme won’t guarantee anyone a job when they return home but it does guarantee to provide the volunteer with an environment which will enable them to grow there attributes.

I’ve made life-long friends and had a life changing experience all in 10months…

Buchanan Grant

Volunteer 2009-10