Hi! My name is Naomi and I am 20 years old. My hometown is Berlin in Germany.I have different hobbies like listening to loud music, playing tabletennis, dancing and
experimental cooking :D.I can enjoy them the most in combination with good friends. On the
weekend I like to spend my time in tabletennisbars, on concerts, watching movies with friends
and family or exploring some museums and on my holidays you will find me on goa, techno or
Hip-Hop-Festival. I am into different kinds of music but I like the most the music and
fashionvibes from the nineties.
While living in Berlin I did different sports like dancing for seven years, badminton,
basketball and volleyball.
A couple of words that describe me best are: open, creative, lively and a good listener.
I decided to want to do a gap year at the Mission House because The gap year in the Mission
House is exactly what I am looking for. I travelled to foreign countries but I never got to stay
long enough to really engage with the certain place and its culture. Thats why I want to use
the year to adapt an unknown social structure and see also the other side of Amsterdam which
is often forgotten. I want to help people who want it and learn from the experiences.