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Next generation

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This weekend the people from the new Mission House year came for an exciting taster weekend.

It all started on Thursday when the two boys of the group arrived. They had dinner with us and we all got to know each other.
On Friday, one of them joined me working at re-play and the other went to Straatklinkers.
Then the other people arrived and we had a big group dinner.
This evening our group of “old Mission Housers” went to the play of Laure’s project and met our lovely Jurate again! Juhuuu!
The new group had an introducing evening and afterwards we all went out together.
On Saturday the new group visited the Worldhouse and Ouderzijds 100 and at midday we met them again and walked to…. a boat tour! And the most exciting about that? We steered it ourselves! It was absolutely awesome!
The next point of the program was a barbecue in our garden with the new and the old project leaders plus their families.
We were also invited to our upstairs neighbours’ birthday party but totally forgot while playing guitar and singing. Luckily, the new house leader remembered in the end so we finally went there.
On Sunday morning we went together to the service in the Elthetokerk which is in the east of Amsterdam.
During the afternoon the new people left again but we said goodbye with the hope to see each other again.
It was a really nice weekend and we enjoyed it a lot!