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The House
by Hanske Mulder, september 27th, 2011

Life in the Mission House (MH) isn’t 9-5. It’s not just about volunteer work, in-fact it isn’t just one thing.The obvious thing to start with is the house itself: Amstelrank. This unique house is situated in the heart of Amsterdam and can sleep 8 people (excluding guests!), has two toilets, a spacious living room, a cozy dining room, a kitchen complete with a cooker the size of a small country, a large guest bedroom and arguably the most important feature: a lovely sizable shower (for some volunteers anyhow!)!

We hope that you will look through Our House section and get to know more about the house itself and the life of the house. We will want to show you all the different aspects of the house along with what can you expect if you live there?

Fun and games!


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