We work together with a range of organisations in Amsterdam and further afield, many of whom support us through prayers as well as financially. The main sponsors come together to form the Mission House council. They meet twice a year to discuss how the Mission House is developing and where it is that they want it to go.


Changing lives. Opening minds: The Mission House is part of the European Erasmus + program, formally known as The European Voluntary Service. The Mission House as such receives not only financial support from the European Union but also training and support during the year. By doing so they allow young people from around Europe to volunteer and develop, discover and expand on their talents.

The Protestanse Diaconie Amsterdam provide us with the Mission House itself as a building. The Amstelrank is one of the many buildings from the Diaconie and they kindly allow us to use the house at a discounted rent. They also help us with finances and we work in many of the projects around the city which they founded or help support now.


The Council for World Mission – Europe, based in the UK they provide the Mission House with all of the UK volunteers and it was through one of their international youth meetings that the idea for a Mission House was born. They asked the youth the question, what is that the Church could do to help develop your faith and through discussions the idea was born. There was no place in the UK able to begin the Mission House and so it was for that reason that it came to Amsterdam.


The Lutherse Diaconie is our newest sponsor even though they have been a long supporter of the volunteer year in Amsterdam. They have for many years been supporting the volunteer year and since 2010 they have been supporting the Mission House directly. It is the plan that Mission House can start to work in the many projects that the Lutherse Diaconie support like the Protestantse Diaconie in the coming years.