Tag, ik ben Pirmin en ik kom uit Duitsland. For all the english speaking people: Hallo, I am Pirmin and I am from Germany.

I am currently 2 days away from my 18th birthday. So I am the first voluntier of the Mission House who is celebrating his birthday and I am really looking forward to it.

I like to do sports and enjoy it to spend time with people/friends.

I graduated Highschool this year and was looking for a way to spend a gap year. I always wanted to travel around the world but last summer holidays after I visited Amsterdam I started looking for an opportunity to spend my gap year in Amsterdam. I always was interested in social work and thats why I came up with the idea to do a EVS. Luckily I became a Mission House member and know I am living in one of the best areas of one of the most beautiful cities I know.

I am really looking forward spending this year here with my new friends who I life with and to gain a lot of experiences.