Hello! My name is Sandy, I’m 24 years old and I’ve travelled to Amsterdam from the Isle of Wight, just off the southern coast of the U.K.


I enjoy gaming, especially with friends on Destiny 2! I also love football and support Man City and Dunfermline, I’m looking forward to watching Ajax play on the rare occasion there’s some free time. I’m quite keen on music and love to play the drums and will often be tapping without realising! I enjoy all of this even more when there’s other people involved and find the best times are had when you can enjoy what you do with the people around you!

I’ve come to the Mission to find out a bit more about me and my faith and to be challenged in unique and often difficult social action projects. I hope to become a Church Related Community Worker in the United Reformed Church in the U.K. and am certain that the ten months in the vibrant city of Amsterdam will provide great experience in social action!