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Some news!

Hey everybody !

It has been a long time we did not give you news of the Mission House. We were so enjoying the “Amsterdam life” that we left the blog on the side. But we will try to be more regular now!

The month of November was quite busy: Five of the Mission Housers went on training and it was an almost empty house that they left behind them ( being only four in the house was first really sad but then, we had lots of fun!)

When everybody came back home, Jhoswa had the amazing idea to do Thanksgiving all together, so we decided to make this idea become real. We cooked the traditionnal big turkey and invited lots of people. It was really “gezellig”!  We had a great time, a good dinner, and now good memories…

Actually it was the last time the majority of us was eating meat. Some of us decided to litteraly stop, others are just reducing  and others… like it too much to stop ! The most surprising is that Jhoswa, who was used to eat meat everyday stopped sudenly and it is a success ! (He has been  traumatized by a video he saw during his training and since this, he resists really well to the call of the meat).

The following weekend was a little bit more tensed, but to give  everybody the smile back, Georgia and Bence prepared for each of us hot chocolate with cream and “Tony choco lonely” at home. It was so nice from them! The Amsterdam Light Festival was also starting on this weekend  but it was raining a lot and we lost our motivation…


Now we are in December and we discovered the Sinter Klaas tradition, respecting the rules really well. We all picked up one name and organized an evening when we gave to one and another their gifts with Christmas songs in the background, cookies and “pepernoten” on the table. The presents were meaningfull for everybody and we put a lot of love and effort in them.

We also all received (several) chocolate letters and we are enjoying it as we should do. The diaconie also offered us something and we were really happy to discover that it was a frier ! We already tried it and the dinner was obviously (fat and) delicious…

Some of us had a trip to Den Helder and Texel last week end, and the beach was beautiful, we had lunch there and a lot of fun but we were also happy to go back to the Mission House and see our garden full of lights (Yes, the Amsterdam light festival is in our garden, we are so lucky !)

IMG_0959IMG_0844  IMG_0948IMG_0917

All our projects are also going really well and we are a little bit improving our Dutch. This experience is amazing and we are really enjoying each day, but we are also looking forward to go back in our proper countries to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends. Nervertheless, we are starting to plan a big party for the new year event in Amsterdam ! No one wants to miss it.