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Support network
by Hanske Mulder, augustus 15th, 2011

A year spent away from home, sometimes working in difficult and stressful situations demands a strong safety net.

This net takes many forms with different people taking on different roles in the life of the house.

Willemijn - houseleader

This year Willemijn will take over the reigns of the Mission House to live in the Mission House. She is there as a Primus inter pares a first among equals. Her task is to be not only part of the team but also the first port of call for anybody who wants a chat.




Mentor Anna-Meta cooking with Erjo

Each volunteer also receives a Mentor during their stay in Amsterdam. A mentor is somebody from outside the project who is on hand to support you throughout your year. This could be somebody to talk to, go to the movies with, explore the city or just hang out with when you need to get away. The mentors are varied in age, background and ideas so we always hope that we can with the volunteer find the perfect match.


Iain - Project Leader

The Project Leader Iain is always on hand to talk to and help when and where needed. He works for the Youth Dept from the Protestant Church in Amsterdam and has been with the project for 5 years now. Iain joined in the second year of Mission House as a volunteer from the UK and then stayed on as house leader for 2 years before coming project leader.


Lastly we have the team from Togethere. They run the national program in Holland and provide basic language courses and three seminars during the year to help train, guide and reflect during the hectic year.

While problems are few and far between it’s always a comfort to both volunteers and parents to know there’s other people helping making the year enjoyable and supportive.Mission House life is shared. You eat, work & experience together, you spend about 304 days or 7,304 hours or 438,290 minutes together. The MH life accentuates the importance of the team and as such you’ll find most of your time spent with your housemates. This is by no means a bore and makes many things so much more fun. Cooking together for the house or working on house projects are all great experiences one can easily find on the MH year.


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