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Hi Everyone,

For me, the highlight of this past week was our Thanksgiving-themed-Open Meal. I am attaching a few pictures, so you can get an idea, but they don’t do justice to our feast, which featured three roasted chickens, mashed sweet potatoes, boiled small potatoes, spiced carrots, green beans, corn bread pudding, stuffing, bread with garlic butter, spicy drumsticks, and pumpkin pie.

Twenty-one of us crowded into our living and dining rooms to enjoy this American tradition, to which no Americans other than my Dutch-American self were present. Instead, our group included two Hungarians, a Lithuanian, two Brits, two Spaniards, and 13 Germans.

A nice part of the Thanksgiving tradition is that we take a moment to reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives and in the past year. What I am very grateful for, is that I have the opportunity to be house leader of this Mission House group. An incredible group of very bright, caring and funny individuals who I have the delight of spending the year with :)

Thanks for reading, there should be a new post next week!



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