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Time together
by Hanske Mulder, augustus 15th, 2011

 An important aspect of MH is making the year your own. This may take many forms, most obvious being able to choose when and where you work. However time together and being a team is an important part of the house.

Housemeeting in the sun!

Every Tuesday evening the house comes together for a house meeting. This is a chance to sit down together in a relax environment with a cup of coffee and talk about how everybody’s week has been and if there have been any problems in the past week or things to share. This may seem like a little bit excessive but it is surprising how little you can see of the house together due to everybody’s busy time tables.

After the house meeting is a time for reflection or as we call it a ‘Zin Moment’. This is run by the house for the house. Like any task in the house such as cleaning the dining room, one of the weekly tasks is to prepare this moment for your house mates. This can be something spiritual, philosophical, current or anything that is important to you. It can be inside or outside in the city taking a walk together, you are free to choice. 

Time together though should also be fun and relaxed so therefore on a Sunday evening like families across the country the Mission House spend the night doing something fun also. This could be going bowling, swimming, watching a movie or simply playing a game.

A fun night out


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