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Hey guys!

It is high time we wrote a blog again! It’s like three birthday parties, one New Year’s Eve party, one New Year’s morning, three stolen bikes, several visits at the doctor and a whole bunch of happy moments ago, since we last wrote on this page. We are terribly sorry for that!

So, to catch you up: the mouse has been caught by Aga, but apparently, “the mouse” was “the mice” and they’re still around. I have the feeling they’re less active, though, so that is positive. Furthermore, the Mission Housers have learned the Dutch language quite well already! I often translate something from Dutch, to immediately hear an annoyed: “Yeah, we know that word already, come on!” We still should talk way more Dutch in the house, though, but for some reason making the switch is feels a little awkward.

Mirjam and Aga had their birthday parties together and we had a great time and I celebrated my birthday last week. I got a delicious cake and great presents!
I think it is finally a bit better now, but the past couple of weeks a lot of us have been catching colds and flus and other sicknesses and diseases. The house was filled with coughing and sniffing and sneezing… yum!
And yes, as I said earlier, three bikes have been stolen. Yay Amsterdam! Sometimes I wish mine got stolen, but nooow… they, of course, take the really nice ones with gears and a bell and all that fancy stuff.
Oh yes, the New Year’s Eve party! Almost forgot to mention that one! It was great. We were allowed to use the basement, which was perfect for the party. We invited quite some friends and decorated the place real nice. At twelve we stood on the bridge, where we could see all the fireworks light up our beautiful city.
Talking about lighting up the city, not long ago the Amsterdam Light Festival ended. I’m not that crazy about art, but most of the things they make for this festival are fantastic. One of the most awesome things, in my opinion, was right next to our house in a tunnel. Some people installed a system there with a bunch of lights, which lit up every time it caught noise. So all the people who came by started clapping their hands, shouting and whistling on their fingers. It was fun to watch and to hear!

Well, I think I could tell a whole lot more, but I guess this is enough for now. In general, we all are enjoying our time in Amsterdam. It’s strange how quick you become good friends with people you didn’t know before when you live with them. Fortunately, we still have a couple of months to go, so loads of parties, hopefully, no stolen bikes and doctor visits and for sure tons of happy moments!

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