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Winter in Amsterdam



Hi everybody,

Some cold news from the « Mission House ». Indeed, winter is definitely here. It has been snowing this last two days and Amsterdam is now covered with snow. Sadly, the air is cold and dry but it’s really pretty to see. We saw a lot of frozen lakes and some kids built snowmen in the Hoftuin (our garden) and wherever it’s possible. Everybody outside wore their winter clothes and children their ski pants. I enjoyed the atmosphere!
We are very lucky and enjoy this wonderful weather as much as possible. So, no bikes this weekend but just a walk around the streets to admire the city changing under the seasons.

Speaking of changing, something does not: our flatmate Freddy the mouse.
If you have been following his adventures, you surely know that he was very quiet lately… Let me update you: Freddy is back! …Or probably his little sister or brother. We tried again and again to catch him but I think he is cleverer than we are and not ready to leave our friendly house so far. He’ll guarantee us stories for the future …

Let’s talk about the life in the Mission House and my lovely flatmates: This week was a little bit busy because some people visited the EVS-training, others went home and we had guests. But we, plus the volunteers from Oudezijds 100 and from The World House, are going to a “midterm weekend” upcoming weekend, so there we can all spend time together. I’m sure it’ll be really nice and a lot of fun! Probably the next person that writes the blog will tell you all about it.


Tot ziens!


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